Magic in 2021

Over the past week, I’ve been re-reading the first several chapters I’d written for Within the Myst, book 2 in the Mystical epic fantasy series. Since I have been writing non-fantasy for the past eight months, it took my brain a few days to switch into the fantasy mode.

To help make the transfer from contemporary stories to fantasy easier, I dove into subjects that align with fantasy. One of those topics was the energy around stones. If you’ve ready the books in the Castle Keepers series, you know I strongly suggest the stones gifted by Isla of Maura have magical qualities.

This journey led me to a few blogs I’d never visited and to topics I’d either not researched extensively or ones I hadn’t uncovered before. One of those blogs was The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey. Gary is the author of more than 40 books and writes about metaphysics, paranormal and magic, amongst other things.

One of his recent books is called Chasing the Shaman: The Magic of Connecting with the Land.


From the ancient sites of Albion, to the mysteries of the Templars in the Czech Republic, via myths, ley lines, dragons and the Slavic deities, to the strange and unsettling encounters with the work of a shaman in the middle of Brno, G. Michael Vasey shares his journey back to the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, whose balancing influence is so often lacking in a patriarchal society.

This book is open and honest, adding new insights to those he shared with Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul. It describes a personal journey from feeling adrift to finding a connection to the life of the land. In many ways, brings its author back to a path he had never truly left. The magical journey of reawakening continues thanks to good friends and a chance encounter with a local shaman.

Magic is real. You just have to let it in to your life.

Speaking of Ley Lines, this is a topic I plan to explore more in 2021. If you’re interested in this topic or similar ones, check out Gary’s website and books.

While I haven’t written much about these topics on my blog, I have done a lot of research on them and have a collection of folders I continually add to. If I find something that fits into my stories, I use it.

Over the past several months, I’ve been building a scene for the end of Origin of the Stones, book 6 in the Castle Keepers series. It’s one of those things that keeps returning to me and when I get an idea, I write it down. Ley Lines, healing, stones and sacred places will play a major part.

But that is three books away. In 2021, my goal is to finish writing Within the Myst and Gathered Stones, book 5 in the Castle Keepers series.


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