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I am Diane McGyver. I write traditional fantasy stories about home, family, true love, friends, magic, horses, swords, daggers, honour, deceit, loyalty, castles, dwarfs, hauflins, elves and dragons. They are set in mediaeval times, a similar archaic time as Lord of the Rings.

This stems from my love of the original Dungeons and Dragons game I played in the late 1970s and early 1980s. That game inspired the first novel I ever wrote: Shadows in the Stone. Everyone should play D&D, even children.



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Dragons in the Dungeon Release

Dragons in the Dungeon

On August 5th, I completed the first draft of a stand-alone traditional fantasy novel inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

I started writing the draft on May 7, 2022. At first, I wrote a minimum 500 words a day. By the end of May, I was writing 1000 words a day. In June, I began Friday night write-a-thons, and I’d add an extra 3,000 words before midnight.

As always, the last half of a story comes quickly, and I eventually wrote 3,000 to 5,000 words a day.

The story is fantasy, adventure and action laced with romance. When I could inject a little humour, I did that, too. My humour isn’t crude or witty. I like sarcastic humour.

The story has elves, dwarfs, humans, hauflins, magic, dragons, horses, an evil sorceress, curses and castles. In other words, my perfect adventure. My goal was 100,000 words. I hit that on July 19th, but there was still more story to tell. I wrote e on, and the story wrapped up on August 5th with 154,122 words.

Now, the story will sit to ripen. I can’t start revising it until Friday August 12th.

COMPLETED: 154,122 words written (August 5th) for

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