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Why would I do anything else

Welcome to my realm on the world-wide web. I am Diane McGyver. I write traditional fantasy stories about home, family, true love, friends, magic, horses, swords, daggers, honour, deceit, loyalty, castles, dwarfs, hauflins, elves and dragons. They are set in mediaeval times, a similar archaic time as Lord of the Rings. This stems from my love of the original Dungeons and Dragons game I played in the late 1970s and early 1980s. That game inspired the first novel I ever wrote: Shadows in the Stone.

I write a blog to share insight into the way I create my characters and my worlds, the Land of Ath-o’Lea and Knavesmire. I also share snippets of my characters’ lives in these worlds, news about book launches and sales, hiking, gardening and my favourite recipes.

Romance Collection: That’s what I’m calling the collection of novels I’m releasing over the next few years. They were written over the past ten years but not released. Romance is often not the main theme of the book, but it’s in each one in some measure.

The first book, Northern Survival, was released September 2020. The second, the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes, was released October 27, 2020. They were followed by Natural Selection and A December Knight. What’s next? Even I will be surprised.

Current Status – June 2022

What am I promoting? All my books.

What am I writing? I’m writing 750 words a day on a new project called Dragons in the Dungeon. On Friday nights, I have a write-a-thon, where I try to get down an extra 3,000 words before midnight. The story is fantasy, adventure and action laced with romance. If I can inject a little humour, I’ll do that, too. It has elves, dwarfs, humans, hauflins, magic, dragons, horses and castles. In other words, my perfect adventure. My goal is 100,000 words. Currently, I have

50,010 words written (June 25th) for

What am I editing/revising? Nothing at the moment. It’s all writing…and gardening. Let’s not forget about the garden.

Keep up-to-date on all these activities on my blog page.