Logo 01 photoDiane Lynn McGyver’s professional writing career began in 1997. She made a living writing nonfiction, but her true passion lived in the fantasy world. Dusting off an old manuscript she had first completed in her late teens, she began uncovering the real story amongst the handwritten pages.

After six long years of major revisions, edits and beta readers, her first novel Shadows in the Stone was published by Quarter Castle Publishing. This was the first book in the Castle Keepers series.

Diane currently lives in a hamlet on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. She’s already made plans to retire–at an early age–to write by the sea where she spent her childhood. There, she will live in a peel tower or a stone cottage where she’ll raise chickens and vegetables.

Castle Keepers Series

  1. Shadows in the Stone
  2. Scattered Stones
  3. Revelation Stones (Predicted Release Date: May 2019)
  4. Healing Stones
  5. Gathered Stones
  6. Origin of the Stones
  7. The Stone Gatherer
  8. Rebellion Stones
  9. Hearthstones
  10. The Lost Journal of Bronwyn Kintale

To learn more about Diane’s books visit McGyver’s Books page.

Links to connect with Diane

Patreon Author Page – free stuff, interesting articles and awesome photos

Goodreads Author Page

Quarter Castle Publishing Author Page

Amazon Author Page


The Castle Keepers Scroll – a newsletter to keep up-to-date on Diane and her books.


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My Future Kitchen

Port Royal, Nova Scotia


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