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A traditional fantasy series that will make you believe in magic and heroes.

Castle Keeper Vignettes: 300-word stories focussed on one character. These stories take place between Shadows in the Stone and Revelation Stones.

Castle Keeper Characters: A growing list of characters from the fantasy novels.

The MAP: The Land of Ath-o’Lea Map

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Shadows in the Stone

Book 1

When bandits seize his child, one man sacrifices everything to save her.

The most important thing in Corporal Bronwyn Darrow’s life is rising in the ranks at Aruam Castle. His goal is to be captain of the guard one day. The last thing he needs is distractions.

When a woman and a child are forced into his life, tensions escalate, and he’s caught between his drive for promotion and what his heart desires.

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“What I particularly enjoyed in this solidly mainstream fantasy is its fresh focus on established themes. It’s like an award-winning movie director telling the person behind the camera to lower or raise the picture in the viewfinder for a new angle. The fantasy world McGyver has created has the magical beings you might expect, but you’ll see them in new ways and see their story with fresh insights.”


Scattered Stones

Book 2

Honour is nothing without the ones you love.

Five years. That’s how long Bronwyn Darrow has been searching for his daughter who is trapped in that elusive Blackvale Castle dungeon.

He’s grown desperate during that time and when he learns she’s being transferred, he’s willing to sacrifice everything, including his honour, to rescue her.

Scattered Stones is the second book in the Castle Keepers epic fantasy series. It continues the adventures of the characters introduced in Shadows in the Stone and takes readers on a journey across Ath-o’Lea to find the young girl named Isla.

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Scattered Stones is an enchanting epic fantasy novel, a mesmerizing, breathtaking treat for the imagination.”


“I thought the book was wonderful! The fantasy aspect of adventure made me not want to put it down. I can’t wait until the next book is finished.”


Revelation Stones

Book 3

Some must get lost to find themselves.

After five years in prison, Isla of Maura is rescued when mercenaries break in to the dungeon. Burdened with guilt, she flirts with death while she learns to trust her newfound companions.

When she’s caught in a feud between two ancient dwarf families, she must sort truths from lies, friends from enemies. If she fails, she may kill the wrong person.

Revelation Stones is the 3rd book in the Castle Keepers epic fantasy series. It continues to share the tales of the characters introduced in Shadows in the Stone and takes readers on a journey across Ath-o’Lea as Isla, now a young woman, struggles to find herself and make peace with the past.

Healing Stones

Book 4

A good man isn’t down until everyone who matters has lost hope.

Isla of Maura hasn’t seen Liam Jenkins for six years, since they pledged to unite. Her thoughts often drift to him and not long ago, his thoughts invaded hers.

She sets out to find him, but the man she finds is far from the one in her childhood memories, and the secrets he keeps threaten her life and the lives of her travelling companions.

If you love stories of adventure mixed with magic and romance set in archaic landscapes, you’ll love McGyver’s Healing Stones. Unlike many fantasy novels, family plays a central role in this story, so be prepared for the hero to have her heart strings plucked by the song of home.

Healing Stones is the 4th book in the Castle Keepers epic fantasy series. It picks up the story of Isla and Liam where her kidnapping and the murder of his das tore them apart.

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“I couldn’t put it down. This book was whimsical, adventurous and unique!
It’s not my usual read but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”


Castle Keeper Tales

Short Stories

Diane began the Castle Keepers Tales to share extra stories about the characters who appear in The Castle Keepers novel series. Each is a stand-alone story, often telling a tragic event that happened in the past, before the first book, Shadows in the Stone. Through these stories, readers can better understand the characters and appreciate a little more of why they act as they do. We are all products of our past and pivotal events shape us into whom we are.

Destiny Governed Their Lives: Tale 01

Destiny Governed their Lives

Starring Catriona Wheatcroft, age 17

When a young woman casts a Sight Visitation Spell, it changes her life forever.

Catriona Wheatcroft is an apprentice who aspires to be an impressive sorceress.

When she discovers a scroll for a powerful spell, she hopes to prove to her teacher she is ready to take advanced lessons.

The spell is cast, and the unexpected brings tragedy to her life.

Blade of Truth: Tale 02

Starring Bronwyn Darrow, age 18

Innocence is shattered when a young man falls victim to a horrible prank.

Youth and innocence still reside in Bronwyn Darrow.

When he attends a celebration with the girl he admires most, he’s elated but extremely nervous.

He hopes the night will be one they’ll never forget. Instead, he should have hoped for one easily forgotten.

The Pledge: Tale 03

The Pledge short story

Starring Alaura of Niamh, age 17

Pressured to accept a dreadful proposition, a young woman desperately seeks an escape.

Alaura of Niamh doesn’t want to grow up too fast.

She’d rather seek adventures and dream of all the places she might travel. When she arrives home one evening and learns her future is in someone’s hands, her desperation takes her down a deadly path.

Coming in the Castle Keepers Series

Book 5: Gathered Stones

Book 6: Origin of the Stones

Book 7: The Stone Gatherer

Book 8: Rebellion Stones

Book 9: Hearthstones

Book 10: The Lost Journal of Bronwyn Kintale


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