Dragons in the Dungeon

This page is a work in progress. It will grow with information as we near release date: March 23, 2023.

It will contain links to additional material I’m writing for Dragons in the Dungeon, a stand-alone fantasy novel inspired by Dragons in the Dungeon.

What will you find here? Character biographies, descriptions of towns, taverns, villages, dungeons and whatever else I dredge up. I’ll also add information on curses, legends, magical items and weapons. The setting and basic components will round out the information.

All links lead to posts on this website.

Read the Description of Dragons in the Dungeon. Here’s What Inspired me to write Dragons in the Dungeon.

Character Information

Cormac: Character Sketch

The Races

Why my stories contain hauflins not halflings

Curses, Legends and Myths

The Curse of Lucia’s Opal

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