“Dragons in the Dungeon” Character: Cormac

Cormac is the first character you’ll meet in Dragons in the Dungeon. After writing more than 76,000 words, I’ve gotten to know the young man fairly well. In the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons, here’s what he rolled.

  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Constitution: 12
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Wisdom: 13
  • Charisma: 10

His chosen race is human. His profession is fighter, except he’s lost his confidence. Due to lack of confidence, his charisma is poor. He makes bad decisions and doesn’t learn from them. However, he is strong and has a sharp eye.

General Characteristics

His proper name is Ryan McCormac, but he calls himself Cormac in the fantasy realm. He’s 25 years old, has brown hair that reaches his shoulders and a mixture of pale green and grey eyes.

He’s a tad selfish, looks out only for himself and avoids danger like it’s the plague undertaker.

Back Story

From what I have gathered so far, Cormac started playing Dungeons and Dragons when he was 12 years old. He fell in love with the game and gravitated to the friends who also loved it. He had a tree fort out back of his house his dad had built and every chance they got, they’d play the game there.

Out of high school, he entered university with the goal of becoming an archaeologist. He believed he’d go on many adventures, dig up ancient sites and maybe find a sword once owned by a knight. There was more work to the course than he anticipated, but he loved reading about mythology and folklore even it he was supposed to focus on my more concrete versions of history.

During the summer break of 1982 while away for a two-week dig at Fort Anne, his high-school sweetheart Clarice broke up with him over the telephone. He had felt it was coming for a while because they had drastically different interests. She was more into fashion and technology where he just wanted to explore ancient castles and caves. Still, he took it hard. He had believed they’d marry, settle down and raise a family. The rest of the summer, he wanted to be anywhere but in the same community as her.

At the age of 20, he still participated in the weekly D&D game with his friends. Each time he played, he wanted to wish himself into the campaign, where life was more adventurous and he could put Clarice out of his mind.

During a two-day dig at Fort Louisburg, he stumbled upon a scroll that looked older than the fort. He was supposed to report it immediately to his supervisor, but he was curious and took a look. The spell, called Transfer Worlds, allowed the caster to transfer himself into any world he chose. His imagination leapt into play. Would it work?

He smuggled the scroll home. He had to try it first to see if it worked. Then he’d return it to the site and give it to the research crew.

Except, he was scared to cast it. What if it worked? It took him six weeks to build up the courage. After running into Clarice with her new boyfriend, he gathered the supplies, locked himself in the tree fort and read the spell.

That was in September 1982. More than five years ago. Cormac has wandered the fantasy realm since, and he has no idea how to get home. Well, he has one idea, and that’s to sacrifice someone who was also from his world.


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