Curse Words in Fantasy Novels

When writing a novel, I often don’t think about which curse words to use. Most of the time, there are none. Other times, they appear often. That’s how I write my stories: as they flow naturally.

For the characters in Northern Survival, the situation and their life circumstances had them releasing the F-bomb when under stress. Needless to say, they swore. A lot.

However, there are no modern-day curse words in my fantasy novels. There’s darn and damn because I think they’re universal and span realms. I make up these worlds, so I set the rules.

That’s not to say my characters don’t curse. They just do it in their own style.

For example, when a pony spits in Bronwyn Darrow’s face in Shadows in the Stone, he says, “The orc’s curse!”

With writing Dragons in the Dungeon, I’m faced with a decision. The fantasy world and this realm intertwine. Some characters would have said the F-bomb, but the question is, will I allow them to say it in the fantasy world? I don’t think so. Here’s why.

F-bombs can turn a young adult book into an adult book in the eyes of readers. Doesn’t matter what Amazon or other book sellers’ standards are. I’m talking about readers’ standards.

It looks like Dragons in the Dungeon will be suitable for ages 14 and up. So no F-bombs. I’m sure I can think of colourful ways for them to express their disappointment and rage without it.

Fantasy Friday Night Write-a-thon

Join me tonight on Twitter where I’m going to add 3,000 words to the current novel I’m writing Dragons in the Dungeon. I’m online shortly after nine o’clock, after the goats are tucked in, with tea in hand, ready to write and share my thoughts.

Follow me on Twitter, where I share progress of my novel writing, images of castles, dragons and such, and all things fantasy. No politics. No current day events. Nothing but fantasy. It’s my fantasy realm to escape to.

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