The Legend of Beguiled Dragon Bridge

A human lifetime ago, or maybe even longer, an evil wizard tricked a blue dragon and entrapped him in a dungeon below a mountain. He bound him in a web of magic and surrounded him with seven deadly obstacles adventurers had to defeat in order to rescue him.

The brave soul who rescued the dragon would become his master to command him as their slave. The dragon would be released from his bonds when he saved the life of his master.

The evil wizard had created the elaborate plan to gain the command of a dragon for he who controls a dragon was indeed powerful. Once the dragon was imprisoned, the wizard began the quest to rescue him, but he could not overcome the obstacles he had created and died without reaching the dragon.

Seasons passed, the moon waxed and waned, and the young grew old, but time stood still for the dragon. The mountain trapped his magic, and he could not escape. In a moment of desperation, he used his magic on the stream that flowed through the cavern, urging it to take away his grief and misery and share it with the world. Watching sparks of magic float away and disappear into the shallow cave where the water ran, he got an idea.

In the months that followed, he toiled night and day, instilling his magic in the water and sending it down stream. Through many conversations with trees, he convinced them to construct a magnificent bridge with roots and branches that spanned the river his stream flowed into. Then he cursed the travellers who crossed it. They’d bear this curse and die in a moon cycle if they did not rescue him.

His plan had one stumbling block: how was he to inform travellers of his existence? Even if they wanted to rescue him, how were they to know where to find him?

To solve this, he haunted their dreams. Sprinkled by water spray, they ingested his magic through their skin. As they slept, he filled their dreams with images of him and the tunnels leading to the dungeon. The visions he produced were disjointed because of his inability to make a strong connection with the travellers. Many did not understand the visions and some went mad. It wasn’t a perfect plan, but it was all he had.

Many travellers have crossed this bridge and have told tales of wild nights spent in the forest near it. However, their story-telling days were short-lived because they became victims of the curse. Others spread the stories and embellished or changed them, and so became the Legend of Beguiled Dragon Bridge.

Why is this Legend Important?

The group of adventurers in Dragons in the Dungeon have just crossed Beguiled Dragon Bridge.


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