Diving into Book 2 of the Mystical Series

With Seeds of Life buried in the backyard to ripen over the next four months, I’m diving into my next project: Book 2 in the Mystical epic fantasy series. More than 20,000 words have already been written, and the first scene of the first chapter has been posted to the book’s page: Within the Myst.

This book picks up three weeks after Beyond the Myst ended. It opens with Ob Ryder Somerled in his cell and being summoned to meet with the Elders. The characters who will tell the story include:

  • Willow Asuwish – daughter of Floriana (nee Kintale) and Jack Asuwish
  • Acacia (nee Asuwish) Elrick – Willow’s sister
  • Wynter Storm – servant at Castle Cothromach, friend of Willow
  • Ob Ryder Somerled – a picket who lives at Muighland
  • Sigwin Darroch – sailman at Argosy Sails on Nautics Path, Cothromach, who befriended Willow
  • Gloriana Kintale – Willow’s aunt

This story will

  • follow Willow into the Land of Ath-o’Lea, the place she entered when she passed through the Myst.
  • follow the Asuwish family as they discover the true history of their home Cothromach
  • follow Gloriana as she searches for her life mate

The story will reveal some of the secrets of the Myst and the motives behind the green dragon attacks. Updates to word counts will appear in the right-hand margin.


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