Gardening: It’s Seed Ordering Time

There is very little going on in the garden this time of year. The ground is frozen, and plants are tucked beneath an insolating blanket of snow. However, I’m busy inside, finishing my report on last year’s season, planning for the upcoming season, ordering seeds and learning more about the plants I grow and want to grow.

Each year, I grow at least one thing I’ve never grown before. This year, one of those things is broccoli. I ordered the seeds from Veseys Seeds on Prince Edward Island. I chose Arcadia Broccoli.

Seed ordering is an exciting time because I think of the wonderful possibilities. Sometimes I forget about not having enough space for everything I want, but I’m getting better at ordering less, so I won’t have lots of seeds left over. I also harvest seeds from my own plants, so there is no shortage in my seed basket.

To help you find the seeds you need, I’ve compiled a list of seed companies located in Canada. I’ve focussed on those that provide organic and heritage seeds. Some places, such as Veseys Seeds, sell a variety of these and hybrids.

Find the list here: Garden Links

Happy Planning.


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