Northern Survival Quote: Canadian Geese

For as long as I can remember living here, Canadian Geese have flown over my house in small numbers and very large flocks. One time, I stopped counting when I reached 100 birds. They filled the sky both with their presence and noisy squawk.

This autumn is no different. They’ve been converging on the nearby hayfields, gathering together to either make their journey to southern destinations or to over-winter somewhere near.

However, this year is different. Every time I hear them, see their V-formation, I think of what Olive Tweed thought after Canadian Geese crashed into the 4-seater plane in which she travelled, killing the pilot and the person in the front seat.

Never again would she watch a flock of geese without the chill in the back of her neck that settled there now and raised goose bumps on her arms. ~ Olive Tweed, Northern Survival

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Canadian Geese


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