Last summer, I hiked the Jodrey Trail, Blomidon Park, Nova Scotia. The entire hike provided breathtaking scenery, but there was one section that stood out above the rest for reasons others in the hiking group wouldn’t understand. While I’d never been on this trail before, I had explored it in my imagination.

Jodrey Hiking Trail Blomidon

Setting the scene

The vegetation was lush. Tall trees provided a thick canopy that trapped cool moisture and reflected the heat from the scorching temperatures of the hot July day. It also provided the perfect micro-environment for ferns and mosses to grow. Inhaling filled me with the wonderful aromas of the forest.


Late August in Nova Scotia provides cool nights (down to 12 degrees Celsius) and hot days (we reached 37 degrees today). These extreme temperatures create the perfect environment for thick morning fog and cobwebs.

Below are a two scenes captured early yesterday morning on my little homestead, Moon Meadow Croft.