Moon Journey: The Long Winter Moon Arrives Today

Today is the full moon. Where I live, it is at its fullest at 12:35 am. On a clear night, the full moon easily lights our way and we’ve no need for flashlights. If snow is on the ground, it is almost like day and makes for easy travelling through the forest.

Throughout history, there have been many names for the December full moon. They include Cold Moon, Frost Moon, Winter Moon, Moon before Yule, Oak Moon and the Long Night Moon.

It is easy to determine where most of these names originated from. The Long Night Moon obviously indicates the longest night of the year, giving a nod to Winter Solstice. It is believed Oak Moon comes from druids as they are the ones with the closest relationship to the oak.

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Sunrise on a Crisp December Morning

Back in the early 1990s, I was working at a camera shop, developing film, printing photographs, taking pictures of the mall Santa Claus with kids and doing general duties of an assistant manager of a one-hour lab. I began working there because of my love of photography.

While I learned a lot about this area of the art, I wanted to expand my skill with my 35 mm camera. At that time, night courses were all the rage. I’m not sure if they are now, but even 15 years ago, they had been, and I had been an instructor on several of them.

Anyways, Dartmouth offered a wide-range of night courses for fall, winter and spring. This included photography. Ryerson Clark, who I believe lived in Halifax, was our instructor. I signed up for all three courses he offered, completing one then going onto the next.

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Yuletide Decorating Tips and Festive Recipes from a Kitchen Witch

Days are growing shorter and if we didn’t know better, we might believe the end is nigh. Centuries ago, folks young and old prepared for the dark, cold season in many ways. Most practices focussed around bringing light and warmth into the home and seeking ways to sustain life through the barren season.

Many traditions were born from these activities and while the activities have changed, their essence remains the same.

Dive into tips on how to decorate for Yule and Christmas at The Witch’s Cookery vlog. In this video, she also discusses the pagan origins to Christmas traditions, including Odin’s wild hunt that inspired Santa Claus and his reindeer, and Thor’s connection with Winter Solstice. Learn how to make a spiced orange tea and the Yule wagon (Thomas wheels).

Fill your home with warm light, wonderful scents and magic by watching Yule preparations | Pagan Yule stories & history | Witch vlog.