A Guest of Down Under Author Rita Lee Chapman

Today, which is Sunday in Australia, I’m a guest of author Rita Lee Chapman. She interviewed me a few weeks ago for her website.

One of the questions she asked was if I had any funny animals stories to share. Since I’ve own many animals during my life time — chickens, dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, turkeys, guinea fowl, sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, ducks, meat birds–I have my fair share of animal stories.

For this guest visit, I shared the one about the guinea fowl. If you’ve never owned these birds, you’ve never had the experience of their weird behaviour. Let’s just say, of all the animals I’ve owned, these were the strangest. I tolerated them until they fell in love with my truck.

You can read this story and the rest of my interview at Rita Lee Chapman’s website.

Guinea Fowl – one of the weirdest looking and acting animal I owned.

6 thoughts on “A Guest of Down Under Author Rita Lee Chapman

  1. This sounds like fun, Diane. I don’t even know what a guinea fowl is. I will head over to Rita’s site to read the story. Interesting how you began your post with it being Sunday, in Australia. I have a number of Australian friends and I always remind myself they are a day ahead. 🙂 Erica


    1. Hi again, Diane, I don’t see an area to comment on Rita’s site, so I will add my comment here. Diane, your phrase “shooting the breeze” made me smile. Worry free and guilt free are inspirational character traits. Many people are plagued by constant worry. I am also a vanilla ice cream person. Quality, vanilla ice cream. Wow, about the guinea fowl. And, yes, unnerving. It was great to learn more about you. Erica


      1. Thanks, Erica. I used to be burden with guilt and regret, then I learned to let it all go in the spring of 2019. If I start to worry, I remind myself of Robert Downey Jr.’s quote: “Worrying is like praying for something bad to happen.” Then I smile and release the worry. I often think of days long ago when there was more happiness in the general population, more ease, more time for leisure and shooting that breeze. I want to return to that even if it is only in my own life. The world can speed by. I’m not interested in going 100 miles per hour.

        Have a great Sunday.

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    2. Guinea fowl are great for eating unwanted bugs, including ticks. I may try them again some day, but I’d like a goose first. I’ve never had one, and I heard they were great as an alarm for foxes. I’m sure they’ll also provide entertainment.

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    1. Oh, those crazy guinea fowl. I’ve never been attacked by an animal in the fashion they attack. It’s unnerving, and I’m assuming that is their goal. I will be using this method of attack in one of my stories one day. Thanks for reading.


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