I was interviewed by Allan Hudson at South Branch Scribbler

First Question

When we visit your website, we find a wonderful collection of fantasy novels. What inspired Northern Survival and the other romance titles?

My Answer

Northern Survival

While I’m a fantasy-writer at heart, there were several stories begging to be told that didn’t fit that genre. Some stories nagged at me for years before I wrote them down. Others, such as Northern Survival, came to me in mere seconds, and the need to record them was stronger than writing my fantasy series.

I also believe stories that include romance as an added feature appeal to me greatly. I enjoy seeing the interaction between would-be couples and their struggles to become one. While my fantasy novels are all about forces trying to conquer one another, mystical creatures, magic and adventure, there’s a lot of romance going on. The attraction (or lack of) between characters often drives them to do things they wouldn’t otherwise.

This romance weaving through stories is what I loved most about Star Wars and the Indiana Jones movies. It kept me turning the pages of The Wizard’s Ward by Deborah Hale and Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham.

To read the rest of the interview where I share a memory from my childhood and answer questions about my fantasy novels, go here: Author Diane McGyver of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Practise makes progress; there is not such thing as perfection.


A Guest of Down Under Author Rita Lee Chapman

Today, which is Sunday in Australia, I’m a guest of author Rita Lee Chapman. She interviewed me a few weeks ago for her website.

One of the questions she asked was if I had any funny animals stories to share. Since I’ve own many animals during my life time — chickens, dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, turkeys, guinea fowl, sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, ducks, meat birds–I have my fair share of animal stories.

For this guest visit, I shared the one about the guinea fowl. If you’ve never owned these birds, you’ve never had the experience of their weird behaviour. Let’s just say, of all the animals I’ve owned, these were the strangest. I tolerated them until they fell in love with my truck.

You can read this story and the rest of my interview at Rita Lee Chapman’s website.

Guinea Fowl – one of the weirdest looking and acting animal I owned.