The Details for the Romance Novel “A December Knight”

The next book in the Romance Collection, a true romance novel, is A December Knight. Written more than seven years ago, the story takes place in the late 1990s when digital cameras were all the rage and before cell phones became the camera of choice for the general population.

The main character, Jan Cooper, lives in Cole Harbour, Halifax County, Nova Scotia. She works at Mic Mac Mall in the nearby city of Dartmouth.

Here’s the description for the novel.

When Santa fails to deliver, a knight bestows the perfect gift.

It’s two weeks until Christmas, and all Jan Cooper can think about is surviving the rush of holiday shoppers. As the manager of a camera shop, she’s obligated to put on a happy face and wish her customers a merry Christmas.

What the single mother wants to do is curl up in a warm chair with a cup of hot cocoa, read a book and let the season pass without her. When a handsome customer crashes into her well-organised life, she discovers what she really wants for Christmas.


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