Water Bottle Used in “Northern Survival”

Shortly after the plane crash, Olive tells Johnathan ‘John’ Stone: “I have a refillable bottle that self-filters. I can drink from any water source.”

These self-filter water bottles can be life savers if lost or stranded in the wilderness where water quality is questionable. Because I hike, camp and boat far from civilization, I bought one of these water bottles a few years ago. I don’t use it as my water bottle; it’s there in case of emergency, when the only drinking water available is from the ground.

Olive explains how to use the water bottle a few chapters in after Johnathan asks her to refill his regular plastic water bottle.

“My water bottle doesn’t work that way.” She slipped her pack from her shoulders and removed the water bottle. “There’s a filter inside.” She gingerly unscrewed the cap and held it out for him to see. “I fill the bottle with water and replace the cap with the filter attached.” She paused and looked him in the eye. “Never remove the straw from the lid. For some reason if you’re the one filling it, remember that. The lid and filter must stay as one unit. Take it out carefully, fill the bottle, then put it back in and secure the top. If you break the seal between the straw and the lid, you’ll suck in unfiltered water.”

“Gotcha. So after the lid is on, can’t you pour the water through the mouthpiece into my bottle?”

“No. It’s not a gravity-fed filter, and it’s not motorised. The power comes from your suction.” She flipped up the nozzle, put it to her lips and drew water.

“Wait a minute.” He tried to wrap his mind around what she was asking him to do. “I have to put my mouth on that and suck up water to drink.”


“Fuck.” He crossed his arms. “I have to drink after you.”


He scratched the thin stumble growing on his once clean-shaven chin. “That’s disgusting.”

“I was thinking the same.” She closed the nozzle and placed the bottle into her pack. “The alternative is to watch you die of dehydration.” She shrugged. “Or watch you drink contaminated water and get diarrhea or worse.” She threw the pack onto her shoulders. “The thought of sharing makes me cringe.”

I bought my bottle as a 3-pak from JustWater.me. My nephew wanted one, so we divided the cost. Checking their website, I don’t see my style available, but there are two, one green and one blue, clear plastic bottles in the same style. The system is the same.

According to their website: The Travel Bottle system is a self-contained system (no additional parts required) that can be stored in your bug out bag, suitcase for international travel, or camping pack.

And: This bottle will filter pure, clean drinking water from almost any imaginable source including flood water, lakes, rainwater, wells, and rivers or streams.

Here’s what mine looks like.

self-filtering water bottle










self-filtering water bottle















The bottle is semi-soft plastic. It has some give. The drinking nozzle can be tucked down or flipped up to drink. There’s a rubber cover to protect the drinking nozzle from dirt.

self-filtering water bottle










self-filtering water bottle














Inside, the filter system is almost the length of the bottle.


self-filtering water bottle













*I am not affiliated with JuseWater.me.


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