My Goose Laid an Egg

That’s right. The goose I bought as a gosling in the spring of 2021 laid its first egg. And that’s no April Fools joke. It wasn’t golden, but it’s still special. While locking up last night, I saw the egg laying by the water trough. It was a handful.

I’ve never eaten or cooked with a goose egg before, so I can only go by what I’m finding online. Apparently, the taste is stronger than that of chicken and duck, which I eat often. They are great for baking, and even sought after “because their consistency makes a thick, moist batter that holds together well.”

I’m going to say for every two large chicken eggs, one goose egg will do.

The eggs in the images are chicken (brown), duck (greenish-blue) and goose (the largest of the bunch).

I got two goslings last spring, and I was lucky to get one of each: 1 goose (female) and 1 gander (male). I didn’t know what I had until they were about three months old.

Meet Pippy (goose) and Gog (gander) July 2021

I’ve always wanted to experience raising geese, so when everyone told me not to get them, I did. The main reason I wanted them was because they are supposed to be an alert system. If Roxy the fox strolls through the yard looking for chicken tenders, instead of grabbing lunch or stopping to chat with the donkeys (they’re best friends, I’m sure), Pippy and Gog will honk like crazy, scaring Roxy and telling me I need to take a look.


4 thoughts on “My Goose Laid an Egg

    1. That’s what I’m hoping. We’ve lost a few chickens and duck over the years to foxes. The donkeys and goats are friends with the fox. I’ve seen them sitting within 20 feet of each other, enjoying the sunshine.

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    1. The geese eggs are the talk of the house. Sitting beside the chicken eggs, they sure look big. I’ve been using them for baking, but one of these mornings, I’m going to eat one fried.

      Now that it is mating season, the male take offense to anyone in his space, including a feed bag with hay inside. He attacked it like it was a fox. I just laughed. Silly gander.

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