A Special Find at a Second-hand Shop

We have a wonderful local second-hand shop. We’re only a village, maybe even a hamlet, but this shop is always brimming with donated treasures for resale. Sometimes I spend only a dollar. Other times, like last week, I spend over $10.00.

Things aren’t expensive. In fact, they are priced less than most yard sale items. Many of the things I buy cost between 50 cents and $2.00. That doesn’t mean things are cheap. Some might be, but most are good quality.

On that trip last week, I spotted a gem.

From the slightly flawed shape and solid weight, I knew it was handmade, more than likely locally handmade by someone whose hobby is pottery. While it wasn’t perfect, it was well constructed. It’s rustic appearance enticed me to buy it.

One man’s donation became my keepsake.

Once I got it home and washed, I dreamt of the soup I’d eat from it. The more I stared at the bowl, the more inspired I was to make soup. So, the day after I baked a pork roast, I took the leftover scraps of meat and the cooking juices and made this delicious soup.

The basic recipe for my soup is here: Onion Soup Recipe for the Trail. Instead of barley, I used 1/4 cup lentils I grew in the garden. Other items from my garden included onion, corn, carrots, potatoes, garlic, dried parsley and dried lovage. The only things bought at the grocery store was salt, pepper, celery, butter and the pork.

I’ve bought several items from local potters, so I know the value of such items. One of my plates cost $50. Over the years, I’ve gathered a small collection (three mugs, two bowls, two plates, one tea pot). These are my special dishes I use every day. They’re rustic, organic, and they make me feel as though I’m eating on dishes that were made three hundred years.


2 thoughts on “A Special Find at a Second-hand Shop

  1. What a fabulous find! It looks like a piece of pottery my daughter would make. Perfect for homemade soup! I love second-hand shops. Here they call them charity shops as they support various charities. Often they support animal rescue centres. I donate to a horse charity shop and shop there too.

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    1. This second-hand shop, I believe, is a non-profit. It employs some individuals that find it difficult to find employment do to personal limitations.

      As someone who loves pottery, I thought of your daughter and a few other potters I’ve met when I first saw the bowl.

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