Diane Lynn McGyverWhen writing a novel, I sometimes envision a scene many chapters ahead of where I am. If I feel the scene is good and I’m afraid I might later lose the feel for writing it, I stop and write a quick draft for it.

Sometimes after returning to the novel and writing several thousand more words, I discover the scene in which I thought was so great no longer has a place. This is what happened with the short scene below. Perhaps I can fit it into another book in the series.

Setting the Scene: It’s raining—according to my daughter, all good kisses occur in the rain, particularly first ones (wink). Bronwyn was ambushed by three men and some sort of beast earlier in the scene, and when his strength failed, a stranger arrived and helped him to defeat the enemy. He surveyed the scene as he caught his breath…

The stranger stood strong in the midst of the battlefield. With the smoke blowing across their path and the rain obscuring Bronwyn’s view, it was impossible to identify the woman who had helped reduce the enemy to rubble. Whoever she was, he felt a tug in his gut to run to her, thank her for helping him when he needed it most.