100-word Challenge: Wisdom of Patience

100word challengeProfessor Capstick walked steadily towards the staffroom. The opportunity to add three additional courses to the program excited him. He knew the other professors at Stoicism Institute for Higher Wisdom would also be thrilled and anxious to discuss the best three of the dozen possibilities.

He turned the knob and swung open the door. What he found inside stopped him cold. Instead of celebrating the added educational possibilities, all seven were just arguing amongst themselves while Professor Hornsbee lay bleeding beside his desk.

“Have you lost your minds?” shouted Professor Capstick.

“Not at all,” said Professor Jamieson. “Only our patience.”

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Today’s Prompt…all seven were just arguing amongst themselves…


100-word Challenge: Dawn

100word challengeHis iPhone announces the time. It will be dawn in two hours, leaving him time to change his clothes and arrive for his seven o’clock shift. No one will suspect a thing. After all, he is a law-abiding citizen.

He grips the shovel and follows his ex-wife. She had suggested—insisted—he participated in her get-rich scheme. He obliged, knowing it would put an end to the alimony payments.

“Breathe a word about this,” says Wanda, “and I’ll testify you threatened me, forced me to help you.”

Tim smiles. And so it begins except this time, he has a plan.

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Today’s Prompt…and so it begins…

Wrong Vice

100word challengeGage swung opened the door and peered inside. The musty smell struck him, then the dust dancing in the sunlight pouring in the window. The frolicking particles indicated his victim had run this way.

Stepping deeper into the shed, he noticed an open back door. “Damn,” he cursed. Lumbering forward, his plaid jacket caught on a vice secured to a thick wooden workbench. He yanked it free.

From behind, he felt a heavy thud. His vision blurred as he dropped to the floor, landing in a soft mound of rodent droppings. The scent was overpowering, and he sank into unconsciousness.

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