Fantasy Friday Night Write-a-thon

A lifetime ago, I gathered with friends on Friday nights at the Boys and Girls Club in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, and sat before an excellent Dungeon Master. He was a wiry fellow, tall and lanky. Throw a cloak on him and he’d have made the perfect wizard. From 1979 to about 1987, he took us on adventures with the roll-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

We often went on certain adventures in real life inspired by the game, and we all returned safe and sound if not a little muddy and bruised. After all, I lived surrounded by forest and when we went to our camp, which we did often enough, I went deeper into the woods, where bats filled the night sky, fairies hid in bushes and the marshmallow man lurked.

In honour of those nights of D&D, each Friday I’m hold a write-a-thon and staying up until at least midnight, tea in hand, to write. Last Friday, I shut things down just before one o’clock because we had a wicked thunder and lightning storm.

Midnight, you say. That’s not late. I rise at 5:15, so, yeah, for me, it’s late.

During these Friday night sessions, my goal is to add 3,000 words to the first draft of Dragons in the Dungeon. While doing so, I’ll post things to Twitter. Sometimes I’ll ask for suggestions for a name of a tavern in the story. Other times, I’ll share a few lines. I intend to involve others who love the game. Maybe they’ll name a character, suggest a magical weapon or choose the colour of a dragon. I’m not sure. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Everyone who contributes will be mentioned in the front of the book.

I’m going to continue this write-a-thon every Friday night until the draft is written. Join me at Twitter here: Dragons_Novel

Swords and cloaks are unnecessary unless you feel the desire.


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