The Dragon Stone

My daughter surprised me on Mother’s Day with two stones. The largest, a Dragon Stone, was about the size of my baby finger. With it was a write-up that told me what it was and its properties. Here’s what the note said:

Dragon Stone: “Level Up”: With a magickal title like “dragon stone”, the properties of this gem does its name justice. Like a vial of health in a video game, dragon stone (also known as Septarian) has a nurturing vibration that encourages healing and a sense of well being to those who carry it. While it doesn’t add lives as you play, this stone does recharge your sense of spiritual, physical, and mental vitality when you are feeling drained. It is also known to aid in communication within a group.

Digging further, I found this:

1. Legend has it these stones contain fossilized pieces of ancient dragon bones.

That could be a good or bad thing, depending on how one feels about carrying around bones of the dead. If the dragon died of natural causes, whether old age or in adventure or battle, I’d love to carry its bones. If it was slain for its bones, then that is negative energy I don’t want.

2. This stone is associated with the root and sacral chakras.

Since I want to explore this ancient healing practice, this is a plus.

3. This stone is said to soothe the nerves and aid in internal organ function.

We all need our nerves soothed at times, and we need our internal organs to function all the time.

This is the stone whispering to me at the moment, so I carry it with me and include it in rituals I do. The name alone – Dragon Stone – is great inspiration. While not all dragons are good, many are, just like humans. If you’re looking for such a stone, this one was purchased at Calling Corners, Truro, Nova Scotia.


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