Tarot Reading for Day of the Sun

My goal for 2022 is to do a six-card reading each Day of the Sun (Sunday). I wrote about it on the first post here: Tarot Reading for Day of the Sun (January 2nd).

Sun’s Day January 9th Six-card Reading

What negative energy is holding me back?

Queen of Pentacles upright: A bestower of grace and favour, the Queen of Pentacles is an astute business person and lover of life who uses her wealth wisely. Her success is well earned and she is magnanimous towards others, showing her affection in terms of gifts and patronage.

How do I get rid of this negative energy?

Queen of Swords upright: This intelligent, gifted woman is protective of those around her. Quick to praise and challenge, her wit is amazing, as are her inventiveness and grace. In a reading, she represents a firm ally, although ultimately there is a need to put her own interest first.

What are possible obstacles?

Nine of Swords inverted: Recent events or feelings have thrown you into a den of despair, and this envelops you to the extent that you cannot see an end to it. However, your feelings could prevent you from discovering that life is improving. Revive your hope and accept help.

What is the positive energy in my life?

Page of Cups inverted: Misinformation and manipulation. Information is not passed on, or the truth is twisted. The Page reversed may show a malignant gossip who easily deceives with his charm.

Is there Inspiration on embracing the energies?

Three Swords upright: The Three of Swords spells out heartbreak due to the failure of a romance or an ideal. Unfortunately, there is no way that you can avoid confronting this situation, so try not to blame yourself. New possibilities await you, but the only way to reach them is through the heart of the battle.

What are the opportunities that lay ahead?

XIX The Sun Upright: Key Words: joy, innocence, protection, creativity

The Sun card shows two children playing within the safety of a walled garden, sheltered by sunflowers that flourish under the heat of the sun. Numbered XIX, The Sun symbolizes achievement. Its presence in a reading shows joy, health and security.

Upright: The joy of genuine accomplishment. Rewards, creativity and glory crown your endeavors. It can predict happy love relationships, the birth of a child and good health. The benefits of heat and light – vision, comfort and growth – are yours, so whatever you embark upon now will be blessed with good fortune and support. The walled garden in The Sun is a safe refuge, so if life has been recently fraught with constant challenges and irritation, then know that your sanctuary beckons.


This one is complicated. A little confusing. However, I will gleam from it this: Someone more wise than I is holding me back, but I have a warrior on my side, one who will look after her own needs first if they conflict with mine. I should not lose hope even though I may fail. I should not completely blame myself for these failings. Determination will get me through as I accept the failures in my life, knowing good days await on the horizon. Have a great week.


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