Romance Collection #7: Garden T-shirt

I started writing chapter 6 of my next romance novel, temporarily titled Romance Collection #7, yesterday. Before I did though, I played around with a T-shirt design for the garden centre that appears in the novel. Here’s what I got.

I believe uniforms are important. They provide instant notification to whatever group the person is associated with. It’s why armies, hockey teams and companies use uniforms.

For the individual, feeling part of a team gives them confidence. They are not alone. It erases diversity and makes everyone the same. This sameness creates a common goal and empowers the individual to act for the good of everyone, not just the individual.

In military and sports, everyone wearing the same outfit gives the impression to the enemy and opposing team that there are many against them. They can’t target an individual for looking different.

In a retail setting, a uniform separates customers from store staff.

From my experience, a positive feeling is generated by ‘suiting up’. Putting on a uniform triggers something in my brain that tells me I’m ready for business. This might be a baseball jersey or a garden centre T-shirt.


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