“Seeds of Life” Nearing 90,000-word Mark

Seeds of Life

You’ve read that right. My first dystopian novel is nearing the 90,000-word mark. In fact, the word count as of 10:00 pm Monday December 14th is 87,821. If my prediction of 90,000 words had been correct, I’d be writing the final scenes right now.

However, the characters are just about to set out on the challenge this entire novel has been leading to. All those who play a major role in the outcome have arrived at Ravencroft, County Regal.

At this stage of the writing process, the minimum 1,000 words a day is unnecessary. I’m so eager to read the ending, I’m often writing more than 2,000 words per day. Now that I’m closer to the end than the beginning, I think the word count will hit 100,000.

Common Theme for My Novels

A common theme runs through almost all my stories. It’s not like I choose it; it choose me. The theme is the importance of home, family and freedom.

Here’s a few paragraphs written yesterday at the start of Chapter 20. It’s from Eloise’s point of view.

“Ravencroft is the only home I’ve known.” Julia clasped her hands in front and beamed with pride upon the town. “My father and granddad have been here since the beginning. I plan to never leave.” She spoke the next sentence quickly. “Except to learn from you in the Forest of Rains. I mean this will always be my home.”

“I understand. While I roam, Larkspur will always be my home, the place I return to.” Eloise scanned the northeast perimeter of the town and caught sight of dozens of white objects on the other side of a great wall. That had been the route she’d entered Ravencroft a few weeks ago and even though the day had been dim and the rain heavy, she didn’t recall seeing that wall or those structures. “What are they?” She pointed in that direction.

“I’ve not heard the full story,” said Julia. “The wall was built in a great hurry to prevent… I cannot say because I’ve not been told. Rumours hint at an invasion but if that was the case, why hasn’t the army entered Ravencroft? They stopped there though nothing prevents them from coming into town.”

“Who are they?”

“King Francis Willet from Willet County. They’ve brought tents to live in. Some women have suggested they are refugees, but granddad says otherwise.”

She studied the intense expression on Julia’s face as she gazed upon the scene below. It revealed she knew more than she said. “What do you think?”

“I think we should keep our guard.” Julia turned back to her. “I also think you should be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Those aware of your presence will not see you captured by opposing forces, if that is why they are here. Your protection is vital to our future. Those I trust with my life have assured me you will live freely, not enslaved or held captive by anyone be it our king or that of another county. No good comes unless we are all free.”

Predicted Release date for Seeds of Life: October 2021


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