Final Launch Sale for “Northern Survival”

Northern SurvivalWhat does a struggling writer from Nova Scotia and a wealthy movie star from California have in common? Nothing.

When they are the only survivors of a plane crash in Northern Ontario, then opposite sides of the continent must come together and overcome their Imperial and Metric systems along with their failed past relationships to escape the wilderness before starvation and the approaching winter weather claim them.

Olive and John are not your typical characters in a romance novel. Both are over 50 with a lot of life left to live if they can make it back to civilization in one piece.

Final Days of 99-cent Sale

The final 99-cent sale of Northern Survival’s book launch ends Sunday night (October 4th). The price will rise to $1.99, and then on October 15th, it will settle into its regular eBook price of $4.99.

Pick up a copy of Northern Survival today. It’s a fast-paced, quick read that mixes survival, adventure and romance.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you read for free.



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