Scattered Stones – The Prologue

Scattered Stones

The Castle Keepers: Book 2

Released May 6, 2016


The ancient dwarf could find no mate to match her. The Elderkin say she searched all of Ath-o’Lea without finding him. A fierce storm struck, and she took refuge behind a rugged stone. For three days and nights, the storm raged on, ripping trees from the ground and hurling large branches into the air. The ancient dwarf kept dry, warm and safe in the crevice of the stone.

McGyver-ScatteredStonesFRONTOn the fourth day when the storm ceased, she emerged weary but unharmed. She embraced the stone, pressed her breast against it and thanked it for giving her sanctuary. The stone grew warm, and the ancient dwarf no longer held a rock but instead a man, a dwarf man. On his chest above his heart, a piece of his stone shined through. He held a pebble—a piece of him—in his hand and offered to place it on the ancient one’s chest, so each would be like the other.

The ancient one accepted, and when the man pressed the stone to her skin, it moulded into her body and became part of her. The stones joined the mates, allowing one to feel the strong emotions of the other.

The union stone released eggs of fertility in the ancient one, and together they brought forth a generation of dwarfs and built a safe haven for all their kind.

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