StonesMy fantasy novel, Shadows in the Stone, originally opened with the scene below. I wanted readers to know the stones within the necklace were important to the overall story, and I wanted to introduce an important character.

As the story progressed, I realised Catriona wasn’t a major player overall, and that the story was more than just about stones. I also wanted to start in the middle of the action; I wanted to get readers into the story without delay.

After much consideration, I decided to remove this scene. Maybe in a few years, when I release the series in a set, I will return it to the beginning, but for now, it will remain a deleted scene.


Original Opening:

With tired hands, Catriona worked the cloth over the jewels. They had to sparkle. For weeks, almost every waking hour had been dedicated to crafting the perfect charm. Though her energy near spent, she persisted until the five blue stones and their bed of silver twinkled from the sunlight shining in through a small window.

Catriona inspected the necklace. It had to be perfect. Her career…no, her life depended upon its perfection. Her nimble fingers caressed the stones, felt a warm sensation then pulled away. Their power was not for her.

Satisfied, Catriona rose and went to a hutch in the corner. She pulled a small chest from a drawer, opened it and placed the necklace beside its twin. The jewels faintly glowed.

“It is said,” Catriona began, but stopped. She looked around to see if anyone had heard, but her little room she called home was empty.

Catriona closed the lid and placed the chest in the drawer. Then she set out to find Maura.