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Gardening Magic

I’m about to launch my gardening channel on YouTube. I may also put it on Rumble, but I’ll have to look into that venue. Gardening is something that has always been a part of my life. Just like writing, if I take too long of a break from it, it calls me back.

Below are links to several topics I want to learn more about. The links lead to a mother page with links to articles I’ve written on this blog. Organising them like this makes them easier to find and easier for me to see what I’ve discussed already.

More will be added as time passes. So stay tuned. Last Updated: January 17, 2022

Gardening Magic

Welcome to Gardening Magic where I serve shots of wisdom to create magic in your garden. I focus on the ways my grandparents grew and stored food. They were sustainable. Self-sufficient. They didn’t call it prepping. It was life.

This is my YouTube channel that launched January 17, 2022.

Moon Journey

My journey to reconnect with the moon is shared on this page.

These are links that may be of interest to gardeners, homesteaders and those who strive to be self-sufficient.