Dancing in the Shine

a short story

Dancing in the Shine by Diane Lynn McGyver

Dancing in the Shine - Diane Lynn McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing

June 14, 2012

Electronic ISBN: 978-0-9880624-0-5

Ebook available at Chapters Indigo (Kob0), Smashwords and Barnes & Noble (Nook; available soon) other online retailers.

Reviews for Dancing in the Shine are found at Goodreads.

Cover Information: Joan’s boyfriend Frank wants them to conceive a beautiful daughter he can cherish, and Joan is terrified. Will she use the information discovered at the public archives to escape a life of torture and pain? Or will she continue to be a pawn in Frank and his sister’s twisted world?


June 19, 2012 by Tara Chevrestt: I came across this author on a blog today, and was so excited and inspired by  her words about strong women characters, I immediately sought out her work. To my great pleasure, two pieces were free on smashwords. I was terribly excited by this because this allowed me to sample her style before buying the big book. I am not disappointed. This was a powerful short story with a terrific message. You can do it!! You can get away. Reach deep within yourself and find it. It’s there: courage…read more here.

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