Diane Lynn Tibert McGyverDiane Lynn McGyver was born in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada, and spent her summers running barefoot along the shores of Liscomb Harbour and rowing her small boat across its still waters. She remembers her first trout caught in the river by the same name and the feel of the soft black mud as it curled around her toes.

Back at home, she found solace in the trees and travelling the footpaths to the Secret Pond, The Falls and The Rocks. At every corner, beneath every branch and on every ripple, the spirits watched her and sometimes shared their stories.

Shadows in the Stone is her first fantasy novel. Long before she placed the last period, Diane knew three books would follow. Scattered Stones, Healing Stones and Gathered Stones will round out The Castle Keepers series.

Diane recently released her first romance, Pockets of Wildflowers, and has three short stories available: Mutated Blood Lines, Dancing in the Shine and The Man Who Reads Obituaries. Look Miss Tuttle’s Lemon Tarts and Twistmas soon.

You can also find her on Wattpad.

Port Royal, Nova Scotia

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